Find the weaknesses in your patent portfolio

Use our Ask Alice™ AI engine to identify where you need to improve your portfolio in light of the Supreme Court’s Alice decision.
The next time your boss asks you about the health of your patent portfolio, you can answer her based on the latest legal guidance. Let us give you the tools to recommend the best course of action for new patents to pursue.

Automated vs Manual Review

Ask Alice™

  • ✓ Objective: reviewed by an artificial intelligence trained on Examiners' Office Actions
  • ✓ Rapid results: one-week turn around guaranteed for any size portfolio
  • ✓ Efficient and Cost-effective: less than a quarter of the cost of a typical legal review
  • ✓ Robust, quantitative results easy to translate into action
  • ✓ Up-to-date advice: our artificial intelligence continuously learns based on the latest USPTO decisions and case law

Manual Law Firm Review

  • ✘ Review is subject to law firm's or individual lawyer's biases
  • ✘ Tedious process: For significant portfolios, over one month's work
  • ✘ Cost-prohibitive: $20-100,000+ depending on the size of the portfolio
  • ✘ Qualitative results that are hard to compare and act on
  • ✘ Heuristics-based advice: lawyers are great, but their judgment is based on human heuristics and shortcomings

Why use the Ask Alice™ tool?

We are patent attorneys

Our company was founded by patent attorneys with over 20 years of experience, and we have built an artifical intelligence system that provides patent portfolio guidance that we trust for our own clients.


You need objective facts without waffling, and a numerical score that allows easy comparison against other patents in your portfolio. Moreover, you need to have a way to evaluate your patents without worrying about who patented what.

Time and money efficiency

You need to have a way to analyze your portfolio efficiently, without having a patent attorney review every single claim of every one of the patents in your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum fee for a portfolio analysis is $5,000. We then scale with the number of patents in your portfolio, up to $20,000 for a 10,000 patent portfolio. We believe this delivers great value to your organization - just avoid a couple maintenance fees for some older, valueless patents, and you've paid for the service. Please contact us for a custom quote.
Our artificial intelligence was trained on thousands of Office Actions sent out by the US Patent Office, representing the "hive mind" of our Patent Examiners based on the latest guidance from the Federal Circuit. But, you can also supplement our objective Alice score with manual legal work to more carefully evaluate the most problematic patents. This is not necessarily a replacement for, but can be a great multiplier for that legal work.
This knowledge has helped our clients navigate prospective decisions, and has brought tangible value to their organizations. Some examples: Whether to pay that next maintenance fee, whether to pursue that next CIP for a problematic patent, whether you have a law firm that is not pursuing the best claims, or if your "problem" law firm has been saddled with patents in bad art units, where you should be re-focusing your patenting efforts, etc.
In our experience, a typical 2,000 patent portfolio can easily have 10-15% of its patents with Ask Alice™ scores under 10. These patents will be difficult to enforce, and may not be worth continuing to maintain. Given current maintenance fees of $7,400 at year 11, your client could save $111,000/year by simply dropping those older, less enforceable patents. Of course, there are myriad additional benefits described above, but this is one of the most concrete, quantifiable benefits that you can realize.
Sure! For example, we have worked with patent attorneys to help them analyze their claims for Alice issues during the claim drafting phase. This can be a very helpful, quick second opinion on your own or your outside counsel's claim drafting techniques. Please contact us for more information about how we can incorporate this analysis into your workflow. As another example, our portfolio analysis can be useful in a defensive manner in order to analyze patents that are asserted against you in a cease and desist letter or in a pre-litigation context.

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