ClaimWorkShop Technology Preview

ClaimWorkShop will help you efficiently draft better patent applications. ClaimWorkShop provides a low-syntax environment for building a model of the invention. As you build your model, ClaimWorkShop prepares different views that will become portions of your patent application, including your claim set, drawings, and written description of those drawings. ClaimWorkShop does not purport to write the application for you, it just helps you do it with more quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

The ClaimWorkShop approach works like this. You start modeling your invention by drafting a few claims with our custom editor. The editor allows you to identify entities within your claims that represent the key concepts in the invention you are modeling. You can also annotate your claims with "human readable" text that will become part of the text of the resulting patent application. As you iteratively develop, modify, and improve your model, ClaimWorkShop automatically prepares and updates a claimset, drawings, and written description for the model.

ClaimWorkShop sure is pretty opinionated about how to draft a patent application. Yes, there are other ways to draft a patent application, like just writing it all in Word. What are the benefits of our approach? Here are just a few:

Can you write an entire application with ClaimWorkShop? Not really. Not at the moment at least. First, understand that we are giving you a technology preview. Second, we understand that old habits die hard. Word is a fine tool for drafting those other parts of your patent application, like the background, introduction, data tables, boilerplate text, and the like. Understanding this reality, we are presently developing a Word plug-in that will allow you to inject the output of ClaimWorkShop into your Word document.

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Check out our technology preview at our Demo Site to get a first-hand look at the power of ClaimWorkShop. All you need is a valid email address. No licenses, no credit cards, no commitment. We'll send a link and get you on your way. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Please be aware that this is a technology preview. You will be accessing an app that is under active development. Thus the experience is provided completely AS-IS, no warranties, no nothing.

Or, you can check out our tutorial video